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Soap Cupcakes

Soap Cupcakes | Dessert Soaps

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Handmade Dessert Soaps | Soap Cupcakes

Check form below for availability. Pre-orders can be placed and won't be shipped until after the date indicated for those batches that are currently curing.

Getting Clean Never Looked So Delicious!

Finally a cupcake you can endulge in without the worry of calories! While this is not food, it is an indulgent dessert soap in the shape of a cupcake! And with beautiful packaging topped with curly ribon, these are gift ready!

While these look adorable in your bathroom, you may be tempted to let them sit there tempting guests indefinitately. You certainly may, but they are meant to be enjoyed. The easiest way to use them is to slice from the top down into two halves. Cup your hand around the round part and wash with the inner flat part. How fun is that??!!

  SCENT Gift Wrapped Soap Cupcake Date Available

Soap Cupcake, Cherish

Qty. $7.00 Available!

Soap Cupcake, Scent 2

Qty. $7.00 coming soon!

Soap Cupcake, Scent 3

Qty. $7.00 coming soon!

Soap Cupcake, Scent 4

Qty. $7.00 coming soon!
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