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Kaolin Clay Swirl Soap

These are true artisian luxury soaps which not only are moisturizing shaving soaps, but beautiful. They also make great handsoaps and bath and body soaps. These handmade soaps are enriched with kaolin clay which purify skin and provide added "slip" for shaving. These large 4.5 - 5 oz. bars will come wrapped in cello; as a full bar for a shower soap or cut in half to provide you with two hand-size bars. No two bars are exactly the same. (Pictured to the left is the Waterfall Mist Kaolin Clay Swirl Soap packaged as the 2 Hand Size Bars).

Citrus Mist
Cranberry Almond
Waterfall Mist
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SCENT Full Size Bath Bar 2 Hand Size Bars

Citrus Mist*

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00

Cranberry Almond

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00

Green Tea & Cucumber

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00


Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00

Sweet Romance

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00

Waterfall Mist

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00

Zen for Men

Qty. $9.00 Qty. $9.00
* Essential Oils
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