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Main Line Fragrances

Note: Some products may not be available in all fragrances. Please refer to product pages to verify fragrance availability.

Almond:: Gentle aroma for almond/amaretto lovers! True scent with an almost sweet touch to round out the scent.

Cedarwood:: The potent, aromatic scent of cedar. A spicy masculine scent loved by both men and women.

Coconut:: A tropical, nutty sweet scent which will make you feel like you are sipping coconut milk or a pina colada on the beach!

Cranberry Almond:: Simply delicious! This is one of the newest scents and is quickly becoming one of the most popular. It is a blend of the Almond scent with the deliciously sweet addition of cranberry.

Grapefruit* & Lemongrass*:: A refreshing crisp and clean scent with the zest of lemon and grapefruit. This fragrance also has just a hint of floral thrown in with the addition of Ylang Ylang to sweeten it ever so slightly. 100% essential oils.

Green Tea & Cucumber:: A cool refreshing crisp green scent of cucumber blended with a unique oriental green tea scent. Sweet with a zingy touch of cool top notes.

Lavender*:: A very pretty true herbal lavender scent, great for aromatherapy.

Lavender* & Rose:: A romantic floral scent reminiscent of standing in a rose garden in full bloom, combined with the herbal essential oil of lavender.

Lilac:: Smells just like the sweet flowers that we all wish would stay in bloom longer.

Mango:: A luscious, juicy and sweet tropical citrus scent. Simply delicious!

Moonlight:: Very exotic insense-like scent. Both men and women like this one.

Patchouli* Sandlewood:: You hippies are going to love this! The classic essential oil patchouli which gained popularity in the 60’s is blended with the warm, oriental wood scent of sandlewood. A very exotic combination for patchouli fans of the 60’s as well as today!

Pear:: Smells just like a juicy and refreshing sweet pear. A lighter, crisper fruit scent.

Peppermint* & Tea Tree*:: A wonderful minty scent combined with the potent herbal scent of tea tree. 100% natural blend.

Plumeria:: A very popular sweet Hawaiian floral.

Rain:: A shower-fresh scent. Very crisp and clean.

Raspberry:: A juicy sweet delicious scent, bursting with plump, ripe raspberries!

Rose:: A romantic floral scent reminiscent of standing in a rose garden in full bloom

Sweet Romance:: Very nice citrus scent which smells like Victoria Secret’s LoveSpell

Vanilla:: A rich buttery sweet vanilla scent. A classic favorite.

Zen for Men:: This scent is soooo yummy! You’ve got to get it on your man! It smells like the designer men’s cologne, Kenneth Cole.

*Essential oils.



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