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Lip Balm Fragrances/Flavors

Note: Lip Balm Flavor Oils are actually fragrance oils that are safe to be around the mouth. Even though some are the same fragrance names as the main line scents, they are not the same fragrance oil. They are not sweetened as that would cause the wearer to lick their lips and dry them out.

Almond:: Gentle aroma for almond/amaretto lovers! True scent with an almost sweet touch to round out the scent.

Brandied Pear:: Smells just like a juicy and refreshing sweet pear. A lighter, crisper fruit scent with a touch of warm brandy.

Cherry:: Smells just like tart, red cherries.

Chocolate:: Endulge in your favorite treat without the calories!

Fruit Punch:: A wonderful, yummy fruit scent!

Mango:: A luscious, juicy and sweet tropical citrus scent. Simply delicious!

Orange Cream:: A wonderful citrus orange fragrance with a touch of sweet creamery butter.

Peppermint*:: Breathtaking, crisp minty fragrance of peppermint which leaves your lips tingling with 100% natural peppermint essential oil.

Pina Colada:: Close your eyes and imagine the island breeze wave over you while you sip your pina colada…

Raspberry:: A juicy sweet delicious scent, bursting with plump, ripe raspberries!

Sour Apple:: Tart and juicy apple scent!

Strawberry:: Smells just like a bowl of fresh, juicy red strawberries.

Vanilla Cream:: A wonderful vanilla fragrance with a touch of sweet creamery butter.

*Essential oils.



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