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Aromatherapy | Herbal Sachets

High-Quality and Natural AROMATHERAPY PRODUCTS:

Herbal Sachets | Aromatherapy

Herbal Sachets

These heart shaped herbal sachets feature natural fragrant herbs. Use these herbal sachets in your lingerie drawer, linen closet, glove box, shoes, pillow, or anywhere where the smell of herbal botanicals would be appreciated. Each herb filled lavender heart is beautifully adorned with a little flower and packaged in an organza bag. Sold individually or in sets of 3, either same botanical or assorted set of one Chamomile, one Lavender, and one Rose Petals.

SCENT Herbal Sachets

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Chamomile Heart Sachet

Qty. $3.00

Lavender Heart Sachet

Qty. $3.00

Rose Heart Sachet

Qty. $3.00

Chamomile Heart Sachets, Set of 3

Qty. $8.50

Lavender Heart Sachets, Set of 3

Qty. $8.50

Rose Heart Sachets, Set of 3

Qty. $8.50

Assorted Heart Sachets, Set of 3

Qty. $8.50
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